Mgt 311 Week 5 Paper

Learning Team
Change Management and Communication Plan


This document will assist Riordan Manufacturing in developing a formalized method for controlling client info that will need all workers to utilize a sole client administration method. Part one of the document will need critiquing the internet site of the organization as well as verifying info in different parts of the organization. This will assist in developing a modified administration plan that will include many critical elements for example: suggestion of a plan in order to execute modifications during the coming year and an explanation of the assessment processes following the modification strategy is executed. The 2nd part of the document will make reference to an interaction strategy for the suggested modification that will also cover different areas.

Change Management Plan

Riordan Manufacturing is a company which operates its official system like a bureaucracy. Every division has got a manager and the managers respond to a higher up manager that eventually every division reports to the president and CEO Dr. Michael Riordan. The bureaucracy is established like a matrix system. Every division consists of those who perform specific jobs. Every division has their own informal systems. These informal systems are created by building working associations collectively.

Riordan motivates every worker to report any problems that he/she may have directly to his/her supervisor. This lets every worker, as stated in Riordan Manufacturing’s Worker Handbook, “Our experience has demonstrated that when workers deal openly and directly with administration, the work atmosphere can be fantastic, interactions can be obvious and attitudes can be optimistic.” By opening up the door to open interaction with all administration it improves worker behavior since he/she is capable to convey his/her values and problems. When workers are motivated to express themselves freely it increases the dedication...