Mcdonaldization of Society

The McDonaldization of society cannot be generally viewed as a good thing or

a bad thing. It depends more on each individual’s perspective of how things work best. A

technically oriented person may thing McDonaldization is a good thing. In the technical

world, every individual problem has a definitive solution. If your computer gets a virus

then you install a antivirus. If your keyboard is broken then you replace it. Most new

personal computers go through the same steps (depending on software)- install antivirus,

install drivers, install programs such as   Microsoft office, etc.

When we have an answer for every problem, issue and situation that may arise

then there is no need to wander away from the standardization of society. As mentioned

in the article, people now buy “vacation packages”. Is that necessarily a bad thing? If

your capable of getting the most out of a vacation for the best value then why would you

care if everyone else gets the same package? Why would it matter that multiple neighbors

of yours have the same car as you when you know your getting 40 miles per gallon and

therefore are able to save money which is much needed in today’s economy?

Although standardization does make us much more predictable it leads us to

live comfortable and happy lives. Think of shopping centers. As the author mentions it is

a one stop shopping experience in a controlled environment. The majority of the US

population is clearly in favor of malls and shopping centers and it shows in the volume of

people that go to the mall. Shopping centers are becoming ever more popular in

developing countries. How convenient is it that you can do your shopping, grab some

dinner and then watch a movie? This type of standardization makes life a bit less stressful

and more pleasant.

McDonaldization can definitely have a negative effect on our population.

Standardization can kill creativity and as mentioned by the author,...