Mcdonalds in India



What is Mc Donald’s?

  It’s a chain of fast food restaurant introduced in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald and expanded and modified by Ray Kroc. The based values of McDonald’s is serving products to its customer with good quality, fast, clean and very well controlled from the first part of the production’s chain [Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V)]. To clear it, as last part of the chain, McDonald’s guarantees to the customers that the products served had a series of norms defined by the company in order to quality and food safety satisfaction. For example; The Big Mac burger is made by a specific process. The bread has to be toasted for 30 seconds at 218 degrees and the meat for 43 seconds at 177 degrees. These standards are imposed by the company which hires partners to control them. A lab company controls the food safety at twice in a month for each restaurant. A mysterious company checks if the service values are met.
  The job of McDonald’s is to reach daily the objectives fixed by the company. And these values are the same all over the world. In India, in the United States or in France. The only difference between McDonald’s in these countries, for instance, is the adaption of some products relative to the country’s culture.


  Introduced by Dick and Mac McDonald, McDonald’s started like a barbeque typical drive-in featuring a large menu and car hop service. In 1948, the barbeque was closed during 3 months to renovation and the original menu was applied with burgers, French fries and milk-shakes for 15 cents. The McDonald's concept was introduced in San Bernardino, California and it was modified by their business partner Ray Kroc who later bought out the business interests of the McDonald's brothers in the concept and went on to found McDonald's Corporation.; for red color and white tiled building with the Golden Arches reproduced by the architect Stanley Menson in 1953; and expanded over...