Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis
Luz A comas
Strayer University
Dr. Ojie-Ahamiojie
Strategic Management – BUS 599

1. Discuss the trends of fast food and the impact of these trends on MacDonald's
Currently, fast food   is very popular, especially by teenagers. These foods contain high calories, high fat, high sodium and low in fiber. Frequent consumption of fast food will have an impact on the increasing trend of overweight; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 million Americans are now considered obese. As many nations try to deal with the crisis of obesity, the fast-food industry is introducing lower-fat options to win over health conscious consumers. Fast food restaurants are offering healthier meal options and more choices. 2010 witnessed a few health-conscious trends including low calorie salad dressings, vegetarian burgers, and a number of alternatives to the greasy burger of fried chicken sandwich ("US Fast Food," 2010).
With poor image associating fast food to health issue around the world, McDonalds has stood up to change its image as healthy food provider to family. It provides information on nutritional intake, calories, and balance healthy lifestyle information to customers. In its website information such as calories counter and healthy food advice available to customers who access it (Reynolds, 2005).
The fast food restaurants   tend to grow rapidly in big cities, with strategic locations in shopping centers, supermarkets and malls. More fast food restaurants are showing up in the strangest locations. Little Caesars is now in K-Mart and McDonald's is now in Wal-Mart. This trend will continue as increased competition and saturated markets cause fast food companies to become more creative in selecting their locations (Clark, 2010).
Kids are encouraged to eat at McDonalds because influence from advertising; 30% of American children consume fast food. McDonald’s operates something like 8,000 Play lands...