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Indian Wars Streamer Pvt. John Hay September 24th 2014 Brief History of the Indian Wars Streamer.

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The fabled 14th streamer preceded by the West Indian Pirates Streamer and succeed by the Mexican War Streamer. The history of the red and black streamer starts in the first third of the 1800's. 1817 can be considered the foundation for the Indian Wars. Andrew Jackson led a small expedition into the disputed territory we call Florida. This expedition would start off the first of the Indian Wars against the Seminole tribe. It was short lived and served only to prime the contenders for the following war 20 years later. 1821 the Adams-Onis treaty was signed and the US gained full possession of Florida from the Spaniards. A treaty was signed with the Seminole people known as the Treaty of Moultrie Creek. It was simply an act of containment saying the Seminoles would be relocated to a protected reservation for their own safety. Hindsight being 20/20 and history a looking glass through the past we know that these Indian treaties didn't go well. 1828 the sacker of Seminole land in 1817 was elected President, Andrew Jackson. Fearing a rebellion or armed uprising by the natives he enacted the Indian removal act in 1830. Again, this act was to contain the Indians as best as possible. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 declared all Indians be relocated West of the Mississippi. The Seminole people resisted the forced relocation and friction built between the Indians and the US government. The powder keg moment was December 28th, 1835. A 110 man element of the US Army set out on patrol under the command of Maj Francis Dade on the 23rd. After being shadowed by Seminole warriors for 5 days they were attacked. The battle was vicious and Dade's men were slaughtered to only two survivors.

Indian Wars Streamer

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The Seminole warriors lost 3 men and took home 5 wounded. This event would later be known to historians as the Dade Massacre. Following the...