Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis
Jacqueline J. Hunter
Sociology 101
Ms. Muhammad
November 05, 2003
Organizational Analysis
This course of instruction has altered my perception of my organization in a wide variety of ways.   From gender bias to corporate stakeholders, I have been exposed to numerous insights into my day to day business, as well as the overall perception of the entire organization.
The best example of my altered perception as a result of this course is the chapter topic of “The Corporation and Its Stakeholders.”   The Marine Corps has many stakeholders within its organization.   From the newest Private to the American public, all play a vital role in the success of this organization.   Before this course I was incapable of making that kind of statement, let alone know its importance.   For example, without a corporation’s consideration for its stakeholders there is sure to be failure within that organization.   In the Marine Corps it can affect public opinion as well as the morale of the individual Marine.   This class has opened my eyes to how important public opinion is for the military.   Without the support of the American public financing would be almost non-existent, morale in the military would be low, and the numbers would slowly diminish as a result of poor recruiting.   All of these factors would ultimately directly affect the security of our nation.
Another example of my altered perception would be the chapter topic of “Technology as a Social Force.”   It was not that long ago that the Marine Corps was using typewriters, Dos computers, and manpower to get their work done.   Today we have state of the art technology to aide us in accomplishing our mission.   Whether its computers or new combat technology, I have realized how important these advances have really been.   For example, in combat Marines used to have to rely on laminated maps, informants, and terrain features when locating targets.   Now, we have global positioning systems and real time...