Peter Will English 100
9/23/13 Cause Essay

Why I’m Joining the Marine Corps
Once this semester is over I will be leaving for Marine boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina. There are many reasons of why this decision is made by myself and many other Americans across the nation. The Corps provides many valuable benefits and is a great experience for young men and women and can lead to many job opportunities in the future.
Pride is a word generated as soon as you become an athlete or even put in effort to your school, work when you are young. In today’s society some American’s strive to do something that is bigger than them the Marine Corps assists in providing that. The pride of belonging to the Marines is something great and that can never be taken away from an individual who has been apart of this great fighting force. They say “Once a Marine, always a Marine” unlike a lot of other branches of military. When someone retires from the air force for example they usually just tell people “I was in the military.” Also in no way, shape, or form am I saying the Marines are above everyone else, it’s great to be in the service, and protect your country, that was just an example of what I have heard from past veterans. The Marines provide the toughest, most intense boot camp out of all of the different branches, the twelve and a half week transformation brings out a whole new warrior and ultimately a better person than what you were before. When you get out of boot camp you feel as if you are on top of the world is what past marines have told me. If a person is looking to make a change for the better I recommend you try to enlist in this service. The way Marines carry themselves is just incredible, they truly are the face of our country. I will be apart of the elite, the honorable, the few, the proud, the Marines!
A typical college student spends thousands of dollars just to attend one semester of school, in the Marines that is not the case!...