Management in the Marine Corps

Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Diane Gutierrez
February 23, 2015
Kay Sears

Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Management is an essential piece to any organization to function efficiently.   In the United States Marine Corps, management plays a vital role in all aspects of the organization and is essential to mission success.   There must be solid procedures in place that will keep the organization resilient through the many different internal and external factors that affect the functions of management.
Internal & External factors affecting management
Some internal factors that could affect a business are business reputation, image, management structure, staffing, and physical d├ęcor of your business.   The majority of these factors translate to Marine Corps Recruiting command in a few ways.   Reputation is a big one in that, the Marine Corps is an organization known for its traditions, being tough, and the first to the fight.   From a recruiting perspective, this is not always a favorable image to parents or applicants.
The image of the Marine Corps is a big factor as well and is most often times affected by the media.   If a person was to make the news for driving under the influence of alcohol and get into a fatal car crash, that individual would be described by his race, age, and sex.   However, if that individual where to be a Marine, the media will hammer that point and make it a headline.   Marines are often advised as to what they are able to do or say due to the impact of that the media has on the organization.
Government regulations, competition, current state of economy, war or peacetime, are just a few external factors that can affect a business.   For Marine Corps Recruiting, there is no question who our immediate completion is and that is the other branches of service.   We must show the public what makes our organization stand out from the rest and how our features and benefits will help you as the applicant.   Other competition that...