Managing Performance

1.1 Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation.
The objectives of the Company are clearly set out to provide direction for the organisation setting goals and objectives for each support group. The goals and objectives set responsibilities for middle managers that are consistently reviewed to measure performance. As a manager I am responsible for a small team of people that I manage and set individual targets for people to help my section achieve our objectives. Different styles of management strategies will be assessed for varying situations. I will also look at the different communication skills and barriers that prevent effective communication and how this can impact on the overall achievements of the team. As a result of this evaluation I will develop a personal development plan by way of a SWOT analysis to identify my main areas to improve.  
A mission statement according to David Pardey is “a way of setting direction, to say what you (your organisation, department or team) want to be, whom you want to serve and what drives you”
“Mission statements have been reported as a broad overarching framework around which other strategic concerns like vision, strategic intent and capabilities, goals, objectives, core values, behavioural standards, business models etc evolve”.Campbell, Tawadey, 1992;
I support this as a mission statement gives a basic guide and states what is to be accomplished.
The company has three high level objectives;
  * “A town that is clean, safe and healthy”.
  * “A learning town, in which families and communities thrive”.
  * “A town that continues to transform”.
I feel that the mission statement is easy to understand, to support and regardless of level, job role all will be able to relate to it. Although this statement is quite generic many Sections will be able to relate some or most of their tasks to one or more of these statements. It is important for every section or group to understand how they feed into the...