Performance Management

Dessler, D. (2009) defined performance management as a process employers use to ensure employees are working towards organization goals. (p. 191).   My company’s performance management is a formal process that begins with planning, feedback, development and links performance with pay.

Planning: Helps employee to understand what is expected of them.
Feedback: Employee will understand how they are doing
Development: Employees will learn ways to improve their performance
Link between performance and pay:   Employees will understand how their performance affects
The process allows and supports managers and employees to work collaboratively to discuss and understand performance expectations, create steps for advancement, monitor performance against business goals, offer feedback and review actual performance.  

Under the performance management, the company makes every effort to achieve high level of performance by providing employees with specific and constant feedback and by creating a link to the company’s business goals.   The goal of the company’s performance management is to encourage open discussions between employees and managers which help facilitates frequent and specific feedback on performance.   It also inspires and support professional development for employees and ensures that the company’s business strategies are directly linked to departmental and individual goals.   Most importantly, performance management provides information that can be used to recognize employees for good performance and award them accordingly.
Performance management creates the opportunity to participate in setting goals and expectations.   It gives a clear understanding of how performance and behaviors affect the success of the company. It gives the employee an opportunity to discuss and implement...