Performance Management System Report

Performance Management
A Report on the Performance Management System Specifically Aimed At Linking Employee Activities with the Organizational Goals
This report will focus on how the organizations can improve the
performance management system which should link employee activities with the organizational goals. It will analyze the existing managerial situation where firms are forming strategies that are meant to manage the performance of workers. The report will discuss the three general purposes of performance management and criteria for effective performance management systems which can be adopted in contemporary business organizations (Becker, 1993). It will also argue for the implementation of a performance management system in contemporary business organizations. Finally it will examine the sources of performance information that will adequately evaluate the performance of sales assistance  
Performance Management Systems and Human Resources Management
Performance management is a discipline that aims at promoting organizational performance by managing the human capital of an organization. The know-how, skills and capabilities that inherent and used by workers in an organization are referred to as human capital.   Human capital is an integral asset of any business, company or organization and many of them have concentrated their investments of human capital. Why are organizations interested in the development management and promotion of human capital? Is human capital becoming more and more relevant to organizations? Studies have indicated that there is a huge overt and covert influence of human capital on the performance of any organization and business and there has been intensive research on human capital as a factor in business and organizational performance. This is why organizations are increasingly empowering their human resource departments which deal with the human capital. It has been proved by various...