Management Planning Paper

Boeing is an aerospace company, a leading maker of commercial airplanes, military aircraft, satellites, and missiles. Boeing’s business planning is a very complicated process because of the influences of internal and external factors. The factors that contribute to the complicated process of their business planning are legal, ethical issues, and corporate social responsibility. There are also economic conditions, laws, and competition that influence the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning of the company. With the company’s emphasis on ethics and planning capabilities, it makes Boeing possible maintain a successful company.

Strategic, Tactical, Operational, and Contingency Planning
Throughout the years there definitely have been countless factors that have affected the strategies, tactics, and planning methods of the Boeing Company. For instance, during their contingency planning, the company always looks back to their experiences and strategies, and assesses what works for them and what does not. Through this, they will at least have an idea what strategies they could use for their plans. It was during this phase that the company realized how important it is to constantly monitor their project, as they can easily trace their needs and address them right away. If a project is not working, they can just cancel it right away without creating too much loss for the company or before it taints their standards. The company should only retain any entity which is profitable. Looking at the planning design of company, the best word to describe it is amazing. Everything is well thought of from the designing phase, testing, until the installation phase. The company knows so well what sort of actions they have to incorporate in their plans to be certain of achieving their strategic goals. After the tactical phase, the company is ready for their operational planning phase.
In the operational planning phase, the main concern of the company...