Management Planning Paper

Management Planning Paper
Ronald Sander
Terry Kennard

The Boeing Corporation has an exceptional organizational structure that is made up of basically two business solutions that work together with several corporate functions.   Since this company employs more than 150,000 people that spans 71 countries, which can make this a very overwhelming job, which starts with and stops with the Business Development and Strategy.
    The drive of the company is based on its Customers, Employees, Shareholders, and Communities.   The model the management of Boeing uses directs the company’s preparation and concentration is effortless but a good approach for scheduling, working, evaluating, and supporting techniques that generate positive outcomes.   Because of so many legal issues like the use of certain data, environmental stipulations, activists when it comes to discrimination factors, and the responsibility of the corporation to provide information and satisfaction for their customers.   Because of these factors they have to create several different departments in order to meet all these goals that the company has set forth in a timely manner.  
An example of a legal issue that the company may have to face is that are they complying with laws and regulations in regards to the environment.   Making sure that there are not any short cuts being taken in order to either turn a bigger profit or alter information to create false reports.   On the ethical side is the company operating within ethical standards.   Are they being up front with their customers, employees, and shareholders that would have an influence on the company’s livelihood?   Another ethical situation they have to be aware of is how they conduct their business and how they are going about hiring of their employees.   Since now there are more laws and regulations that are involved insuring that all people are being given a fair chance and are not being snub based upon any race, religion, or any...