Motivation Plan Paper

Motivation Plan

Tameki Reed


April 30, 2014
Adrian Woods

Title of Paper

      Motivation Plan Paper
This document will contain information regarding my mentor, the type of organization he works for, the department he works in, and his job description. A plan to increase the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of my team members will be included. There will be an analysis of different attitudes, personalities, emotions, and values of my team. These attributes can be used to positively influence behavior. The 360 self-assessment is a valuable tool to use to measure the strengths of teams. By addressing the strengths of each person involved, valuable contributions can be made towards future success.
  Mentor Dr. Raymond Delaney Jr

      Dr. Delaney is the state Deputy Community Corrections Administrator for the state of New Mexico Corrections Department. He provides technical assistance to community services programs. He helps develop social services initiatives for the state. He writes, interprets and create policies and procedures, along with other duties that support offenders returning to the community. The attitudes, emotions, personalities of his team are like an ebb and flow. The job is demanding and working with offenders can become stressful because of the manipulative characteristics. People tend to have cynical attitudes for several reasons: the offenders are constantly lying, the pay is not reasonable, and some employees are jaded because of the many resources that are allocated for offenders. When leaders are unethical or not considerate of the employee’s emotions a cloudy culture is created.

      This organization is bureaucratic and centralized but due to lack of leadership lack of accountability, and lack of a visionary leader the culture is corrupt. Delaney oversees a budget of six million dollars and 44 contract service providers throughout the...