Management Planning Paper

The way that Tyco International works their system in management planning can have an effect on all portions of the company from workers to the community. Recognizing what goals the business is aiming for to accomplish in management planning is vital. In this paper ethics, legal issues, how external and internal influences effect management in Tyco will be discussed. Implementing strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plans in Tyco will facilitate the in and out influences with no interference of the continuing triumph of the company.
Management Function
To be our customers’ first choice in every market we serve by exceeding commitments, providing new technology solutions, leveraging our diverse brands, driving operational excellence, and committing to the highest standards of business practices—all of which will drive Tyco’s long-term growth, value and success (Tyco, para. 1, 2004-2010). The company believes that the goals to be accomplished through governance, customers, growth, teamwork, operational excellence and financial strength will lead the business to success.
Governance gives Tyco staff encouragement to show integrity in their work and the transmission of the company’s goods.

Policies need to be put in place for employees that will tell exactly what is expected of them to maintain the image of the company. Without governance the company would not be able to make a clear statement to each of the employees about what is expected of them. Employees knowing what is expected of them will ensure the future success of the company.

Tyco understands what the customer's wants and needs are. By providing their wants and needs and giving them the performance they expect will give greater value to Tyco over their competition (Tyco). The company has to make the customer’s request work within the company standards and policies, if the company cannot provide this need, the customer will look to other companies that will. By providing the customers...