Boeing Management Planning

Boeing Management Planning Paper
Billie Holloway
Jack Geer
July 12, 2010

Boeing Management Planning
Boeing is an aerospace company. They are leaders in making commercial aircrafts, military aircrafts, satellites, and missiles. Internal and external factors influence the business planning involving legal, ethical issues, and corporate social responsibilities. There are many factors that influence the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning such as economic conditions, laws, and competition. Boeing has well-built ethics and planning abilities enabling them to maintain success for many years.
Planning Function of Management
The planning function of management is the process of setting goals and objectives for Boeings organization to achieve over a set period. A plan that will include activities and tasks that needs to be completed to reach the ultimate goal Of Boeing. These plans will also take into account variables and unexpected occurrences. By planning for the unexpected an organization can avoid the chaos associated with unforeseen challenges or problems. In Boeing’s case, the planning is vital within all of its major departments. The company remains efficient by setting goals within its engineering department, sales department, mechanical department, and product testing department, among many others. There has to be specific guidelines set to manage these goals, to ensure that the plans are achieved at the highest level of efficiency.
Management planning includes five basic steps. The first step is to analyze the situation that surrounds the goal. The next step is to look at alternative goals and plans that may be used. The third step is to evaluate the goals and plans that have been created thus far. The fourth step is for management to select the final plan to be used. A manager’s final step is to implement the plan that has been created....