Management Information Systems

The MIS Course Work on Qatar Airways

  1 Introduction 2
  2 Management Information System (MIS) 3
    2.1 Characteristics of Information 3
    2.2 Value of Information 4
    2.3 Role of Information in Decision making 4
  3 Various Levels of Management and Decision Making Process 4
  4 The Organisational Context – Qatar Airways 5
  5 Analysis of MIS at Qatar Airways 6
    5.1 The MIS in Qatar Airways is comprehensive 6
    5.2 MIS in Qatar Airways is strictly Coordinated 8
    5.3 MIS in Qatar Airways is Integrated 8
    5.4 Data Security and Management in Qatar Airways 8
    5.5 MIS at Qatar Airways Enhances Productivity 9
  6 Conclusion and Recommendation 9
  7 Reference 10

1 Introduction

Fast developments in technology made the market more competitive and the organisations are become more information driven to compete in the market.   As a result the information became more critical in the operations and management of organisations.   The availability of the right information at the right time is very crucial in the performance of various critical managerial functions such as organising, planning, control and leading.   However, the collection of coordinated and integrated information is a challenge to the organisations.   An information system (IS) interconnects almost all components of the organisation and provides most appropriate and relevant information for better operations and managerial decisions for the survival of the organisations in this highly competitive market environment (Scott, 1986).

Management Information System (MIS) is a computer based information system focuses on information technology (IT) and that interconnects and integrates all legacy information systems and databases in the organisation to enhance the business operations of the organisation.   The MIS makes the organisation and people more creative and productive by providing timely relevant information in...