Project Information System


A Project Information System (PIS) is a part of Management Information Systems (MIS) and manage information of a project centric organization. These electronic systems "help plan, execute, and close project management goals." PIS systems differ in scope, design and features depending upon an organization’s operational requirements.

Project 'IS' is a planned system of collecting, storing, disseminating and processing data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of management in a project. When information systems are designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by managers, they are called management information systems and when this information system helps in decision making for projects, it is called as Project IS. Thus, Project IS is a formal system for providing management with accurate and timely information necessary for decision making.


The Project Information System is a flexible, comprehensive information system you can use to monitor and control your project data. You can evaluate individual projects, partial projects, or multiple projects. The system includes overview reports and reports offering various degrees of detail. The Project Information System is designed to meet the needs of both project management and ordinary project personnel.
      A project management information system is an integrated man – machine systems that provides information to support the planning and control function of manager in an organization. It does the following function:
      • serves managerial function
      • collects stores, evaluates information systematically and routinely
      • supports planning and control decisions
      • Includes files, hardware, software, software and operations research models.

Application Area:

One of the most common purposes is to schedule a series of events or tasks and the complexity of the schedule can vary considerably depending...