Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems

The processes of Kudler Fine Foods include inventory, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Using accounting information systems, Kudler Fine Foods has the potential to improve these processes. Kudler Fine Foods has hired an accounting firm to recommend systems to assist with automating their current processes. The accounting firm has recommended that Kudler Fine Foods purchase industry-specific software. The firm will provide flow charts to capture the flow of data from each of their accounting processes and offer recommendations.

Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems
In selecting an Accounting Information System (AIS) it should meet the current and future reporting needs of the company. The company is looking to expand into different geographical locations; the AIS should be able to support more than the current three stores. The AIS will need to be accessible to multiple users at one time, secure, dependable, flexible, and dynamic. The AIS needs to change as the company expands. The system should also integrate with the customer relationship management (CRM) system, ecommerce, B2B; electronic data interchange (EDI), employee management, and marketing.
Accounts Payable
Kudler Fine Foods utilizes check printing, tax and freight allocations, and multiple bank accounts, purchase order module posts vendor orders directly to the accounts payable module, and handles international addresses necessary. Cash transactions create some difficulty for the company. At times, Kudler purchases locally grown produce and growers insist on being paid in cash (Apollo Group, Inc., 2008). The current system at Kudler could be improved through the automation of some key processes. In particular, the issuance of checks, faxing receipts and the manual entry required. The objective of accounts payable processing is to pay vendors at the optimal time, taking advantage of cash discounts offered and avoiding late fees. (Bagranoff, Simkin, Strand...