Healthcare Management Information Systems

1. Why do you think a CIO survey is important for the HMIS industry?

A CIO survey is very important for the HMIS industry. This is because it is extremely important for the health care services to be able to allot its proper attentions and resources to specific departments and areas for the best and most efficient working of the industry. This is important, as it is in the best interest of both the government as well as the people that the health care industry works efficiently. This would result in lowered incidents of diseases, especially infectious diseases, which would mean lowered costs for the government and better health of the people.

2. Predict what type of hardware investments would be considered key to HMIS future. Then check out the full survey results, and compare your prediction to the actual results.
As per my predictions, the most important type of hardware investments considered key to HMIS future would be in medical equipment, such as CAT scan machines, computers for doctors and nurses, etc. However, looking at the survey, we find that the top priority in the actual results is for clinical information systems. This does not surprise me, as information management is extremely important for the health care industry, both for the staff as well the patients. This is because having a fast, efficient, and reliable information system network results in a very efficient and productive working environment, which makes information easily and quickly accessible. This is extremely important for the health care industry.

3. Why do you think the results showed investment in EHR to be a top priority for CIOs in the coming year?

The results show investment in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to be a top priority. This makes complete sense. Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), represent digital versions of the records that hospitals keep of patients. This is something that is not really too new, but it is new enough to...