Management Behavior

Management Behavior

InterClean Inc. has acquired our major domestic competition EnviroTech.   With this acquisition, I want each manager to take three very important management behaviors into account.   The first issue is the diverse relationship in our work environment.   The second issue each manager understands of what employment laws does or do not affect ones’ management activity.   The final behavior is how you as a manager can affect productivity of your workers.   I believe if you as managers know and understand these behaviors then this acquisition will be a smooth transition.

Over the past few years diversity has become a major factor among companies.   When addressing the justification of diversity there are five major issues.

        1. How does diversity help and expand a company into global markets?   Hewlett-Packard stated “Our customers, suppliers, and strategic partners are increasingly global and multicultural.   We must be positioned to relate to them (Chapter 4, p. 1).”

        2. How can diversity help to increase purchasing, build brand products, and have InterClean Inc grow?   Take Corporate America; in 2000 it spent $55 billion on supplies from minority-owned suppliers.   Today that number has increased about 61% (Chapter 4, p. 1).

        3. How can diversity support InterClean’s asset and resource strategies?   We need to see what our threats are, for example, if we are developing a hard time retaining or obtaining top talent.   We better reconfigure what needs to be done to correct this error (Chapter 4, p. 1).

        4. How does diversity build InterClean corporate image especially among our customers?   In today’s society people are looking at organization that develop and promote an array of people.   For example, take the Working Mother, a magazine’s Best Companies for Working Mothers, if InterClean can hit the list of best companies for Working Mom does can give us an edge (Chapter 4, p. 2).

        5.   How diversity...