Management Behavior

TO: Sales Managers
DATE: July 19, 2011
RE: Management Behavior
I trust you have read the memo sent by David Spencer last February 23 concerning the acquisition of EnviroTech, Inc. This merger will certainly have rewarding consequences for InterClean and will strengthen the new strategies that the company is leading, enter the market of full-service cleaning solution packages.   All changes can create uncertainty and negative reactions for different reasons, lack of trust, economics threats, fear of personal failure, threats to values and ideals, among others.   These reactions can affect the productivity of our employees.   A manager's behavior can be at the core of employee productivity issues.   Therefore, it is essential that as leaders we demonstrate total domain of the above mention reactions from employees and work toward to avoid their manifestation.   There are many factors that can affect employee productivity but the most important is the behavior and attitude of the leader.   We should adopt a leadership style that can permit employees to be part of the merge and let them know that their concerns will be addressed.  
Since no style of leadership in specific works best in all situations, we are great leaders and will adapt based upon the objectives, needs, and situations specifically in your group.   I encourage you to adopt a democratic or participative style and be an employee-oriented leader so you can emphasize your job on respect and demonstrate interest in your subordinates.   Do not forget that there are some tasks and goals to achieve.   Empower your subordinates and encourage the benefits of the acquisition of expanding company‚Äôs horizon to new strategies and markets.   Be accessible to your subordinates and other employees in any of this matter.   By answering questions and speak of the merger will demonstrate that you as a leader are sure of the success of it.   At the same time you are making sure that employees feel part of...