Management Behavior Memo

          SUBJECT:   Management Behavior

          In many cases businesses find the merging of their company with another a successful business strategy. Due to InterClean merging with EnviroTech many changes will take place in the near future. It is important that each employee not panic and keeps his or her work ethic intact. Due to the merger many job positions will be changing and positions may be lost or added. This memo will discuss management strategies that will aid in this transitional period within InterClean. First this memo will address how the behavior of management can affect the productivity of his or her workers. Next, the types of management action that align with employment laws and those that do not. Last, practices for working within a diverse work environment.

          Management has a huge effect on their employees. The majority of the time it is a positive influence, however at times management can have a negative effect on their employees. When I was a teenager I worked for a deli. This deli was nationally known and has many employees and managers. I had a manager who had been with the company for 10 years and was well known for his amazing influence on his employees. A few months after I started working for him he was offered a job managing a five star restaurant in Florida, he could not pass up the opportunity. After making the decision to accept the position in Florida things started to drastically change. Because he knew he was leaving soon, his behavior and work ethic began to deteriorate. He began goofing off with the employees and the attitude around the deli was much more relaxed, relaxed to the point that it was affecting service. Because the attitude was so relaxed he began to be more comfortable and developed friendships with his employees. These simple friendships slowly started to develop into more than just friendships in his mind. Things got really out of hand when...