Manager Behavior Memo

Management Behavior Memo
Chinwe Ibeh
University of Phoenix
Shavona Wright
May 9, 2010

To: First level Sales Managers InterClean, Inc.
From: Midlevel Sales Manager, InterClean, Inc.
Subject: Management Behavior Memo
      Management Behavior Memo

      InterClean provides the sanitations products to customers. The purpose of writing this memo is to address the importance of a manager’s behavior that involves the merger of InterClean with EnviroTech. The transformation will strengthen the company. Our top priority is to provide the highest level of service to customers.   I will provide effective methods that will help the organization increase revenue, enhance performance, and other factors. This memo will discuss how a manager’s behavior could affect productivity, the types of management actions that align with employment laws, and the best practices for working in the diverse work environment.
        Our main goal is to ensure that we could increase productivity. “When you discipline yourself to do what is hard; you could access to realm of result that denied everyone else” (Pavlina, 2005, p. 3). As a midlevel sales manager, my recommendation in the hope of increasing productivity is to find effectives solutions. I expect you to behavior appropriately when it comes down to dealing with your employees. Inappropriate behavior that any manager presents in the workplace could affect sales revenue. Through motivating your employees, productivity will increase as well as affect the organization.   Motivating your employees require acknowledging what motivate them. For instance, some employees may be motivating with salaries raises comparable to others; some employees may be motivating by extended their hours of works, and more.   Your obligation must be to create open communication channels with your employees. “The best people in any field are those who devote the most hours to what the researchers call deliberate practice. It's activity that's...