Management Behavior Memo

Management Behavior Memo

Rita A. Davis


February 24, 2011

Aron Muse

Management Behavior Memo
TO: Janet Durham, Vice Vice-President of Human Resources
                        Tom Jennings, Vice- President of Marketing
                        Sam Waters, Chief of Compliance
FROM:   Rita Davis, Sales Manager
DATE:   February 25, 2011
SUBJECT:   Management Behavior during Merger with Enviro- Tech
CC:   Board of Directors

As you all are aware , we will soon be merging with Enviro- Tech. This merger alone will cause some chaos. I want to thank you all now for what I know will be outstanding leadership during the merger and the critical months after the acquisition.

During this time it is important that we show positive attitudes.   As you all know our attitudes can rub off on our employees. Good attitudes mean higher productivity.   We must be especially focused on the quality of work life our employees have during the transition. I would like to hold a meeting at the beginning of next month so that we can go over some strategies, directions, and goals. I would like to develop teams focused on training and a possible mentoring program. We must make sure that our people feel safe (Cascio, 2005, p. 24). It is important that all InterClean employees welcome Enviro- Tech.   The attitudes of our employees will be crucial to the merger as well. Fair treatment, conflict resolution, and open communication are crucial at this time (Cascio, 2005, p. 8).   I will be asking Human Resources (HR) to be available to address any questions the employees may have.

The days following the merger will be intense. We will have a larger group of diverse people.   We must work together to merger the cultures successfully. We must be flexible and willing to learn from the Enviro- Tech staff (How to Stay Afloat, 2011). Our best tool is communication. We will bring InterClean and Enviro- Tech together to iron out any potential problems that may arise....