Management and Organization Plan

In evaluating my philosophy for my future teaching career, I have been very seriously considering my values and beliefs about discipline, my own management style and the social goals for my students. As organization is one of my top priorities as a student, I will strive to be as organized as possible when I start my career. My goal is to organize the logistics of my classroom so that I can make my classroom student-centered instead of teacher-centered. I value the education process, and young minds and new ideas never cease to intrigue me.
In order to be as organized as possible, the structure of my classroom will be variable, allowing me to change parts of my plan from year to year. I realize that this management plan is a work in progress and what I value now as important points to address in my first management plan may eventually come easily to me with experience and other issues of management may require more attention than those I have addressed. Such issues that I find to be of importance currently are choosing appropriate attention signals, correction procedures and encouragement techniques. In addition, I think posting a daily schedule, working on routines for both the start and end of the day, and working on transitions are also essential to structuring my plan as a useful tool for me.
My experiences in the classroom have largely influenced what I am currently considering as major components of my management plan. I have seen both sides of the spectrum in terms of structure: one class was so structured that the structure itself dominated the classroom and learning was not taking place. The other classroom was absolute chaos and the teacher had no control over her students, and she did not care to create structure to enhance their learning. My view of discipline in the classroom encompasses all of the experiences I have had in different classroom settings. I understand the importance of structure and having genuine concerns about student well-being. If...