Planning Function of Management


The four function of management are a theory and comprise the key functions any manage4r should perform to ensure business success. The function are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

Planning is the first step in any management process.   The correct situation has to be reviewed and an objective for the future has to be set. Next the plan has to be devised to explain how the objective can be achieved.
It is not uncommon that lack of planning results in failure of a campaign or project. Hot planning can result in expensive failures. For this reason planning needs to be at the top of manager list.

***Planning implies that we must think through our goals and actions in advance and decide what to do and how to do. This brings consideration of organizations goal and objectives.

Planning is the most important function because it gives us an idea of what we actually want to do. Planning is a condition to successfully finish all your function of management. We need to decide exactly what we want to do. We also have to make plan how we are going to achieve that. Once we have a plan made we can move to the second function of management.

Organization is the second function of management. Managers sometimes feel that they should not get involved with the actual implementation and tactical activities. The managers needs to allocate resources and ensure his team have everything they need to do the work they have been asked to do. This includes providing materials, allocating the right staff or providing training where required.

***The second function of management is Organizing. We need to organize everything in order to achieve our goal. We need to find people who will work on that project and we need to gather resources which we need to reach our goal.   Once we organize everything we can move to the third function of management.

***General company procedure demand good organization from the leader and managers....