Strategic Planing

Strategic Planning 1


Strategic Planning and Management
University of Phoenix
Integrated Business Topics/ 475
July 20, 2009

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Strategic Planning and Management
In this paper I will expound on defining strategic management and planning, the importance of strategic plan in my organization, and the management functions: organizing, planning, controlling, and leading based on the concepts of starting a new business.   In the surrounding of the environment today, one should be able to recognize and implement the aspects to make sure of the business success.   My hypothetical new business will show examples based on the integrating of these components into my comprehensive business plan. Upon completion, a business plan will give a total picture of the business and where it will be in the next years to come.
Strategic Planning and Business Management
My new business will be a community car wash called Sherry’s Car Wash.   My goal is to open my community car wash having a type of city wide appeal in the Baton Rouge area.
Strategic management is defined a being an organized analysis of factors that are associated with having internal organization and external meaning having customers and competitors providing the concepts of rethinking the current management practices.   My main goal is to be able to achieve a much better alignment with strategic priorities and corporate policies.
A strategic plan does not necessarily have to be a plan for the upcoming year, but can forecast many years to come. The actual definition of a strategic plan is “an organization
process of defining its strategy, or direction and making decisions allocating its           resources to pursue its strategy, including its capital and people” (Wikipedia, 2009). All