Lesson Plan for a Geography Lesson

Lesson plan – Geography – weather.

Students will observe clouds and learn how to identify three (3) basic cloud formations
Students will:
    - be able to identify three basic cloud types
    - compare clouds they have seen outside with images
45 minute class period.
    • Pencils
    • Paper
    • Access to internet and computer
Teacher Preparation
Before the learners go out to observe clouds on their own, explain that observing clouds can be a very important part of weather forecasting and that they can tell people what the weather will be like.
Ask the following questions for class discussion 10 – 15 min
What do you know about clouds?
Do all clouds bring rain?
What kind of clouds do you see on sunny days?
Have you ever seen clouds that look like feathers, animals, cotton balls, etc.?
What was weirdest cloud shape you've ever seen?
They can then go outside with pencil and paper to draw their own clouds.
After 15 – 20 minutes, call them back in and as a class show what they saw and drew.
Use a diagram of different cloud sorts, taken from this website: http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/cloud-scramble/en/   to help them decide which cloud is which.
Ask the learners to answer the following questions
Find the cloud that most closely resembles the one you drew and label it
What kind of weather does that cloud indicate?
What kind of weather are we having today?
Remind learners that the clouds change everyday and that they all signify different types of weather. Introduce homework.
Make sure that each learner takes part in the activities and discussion.
Go around and check that the labelling of the clouds are correctly done
Homework suggestions
Ask learners to keep a notebook of clouds for the next week. They should note down the weather of that day, when they saw the clouds and make a sketch of each. If possible also to name the cloud, or ask for help in...