3 Terrific Lesson Plans

As I’m working towards the end of my second year as a Bachelor of Education student (P-12) at Victoria University, Melbourne, we were given an innovative assessment to research widely to find three terrific lesson plans for teaching year 5 or 6 mathematics. I was required to select a lesson plan from 3 different sources and at least one of those lessons must use ICT and no lessons were to be used that were based on pen and paper worksheets! My first pitstop for finding terrific lesson plans was in Miss Amanda Sullivans grade 5/6 class at West Meadows Primary School. I thought what better way to find terrific and credible sources than in a grade 5/6 classroom itself? The following review includes my critique of each lesson along with it’s features that can be linked to the curriculum for teaching and learning mathematics.

Lesson plan 1: ‘Teacher’s Resource, Nelson Maths for Victoria ( Numeracy for the Middle years, working towards CSF II, Level 4) by Jenny Feely.

The first resource that I found I wanted it to be from a book and a teacher’s resource and Miss Sullivan described it as “my bible” because she draws activities from the various lessons to help her plan activities and lessons for teacher-focus groups, students working in groups, whole class focus and whole- class share time. The complete reference of the book is Feely, J 2003, ‘Teacher’s Resource, Nelson Maths for Victoria, Thomson Learning, Victoria. The lesson I chose from the resource was ‘Lines and Angles’, unit 6, pages 39-41, CSP II, learning outcomes level 4 ‘Shape and Space’. According to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards) students completing this lesson should be at progression point 3.5-3.75 and progressing towards level 4. ‘At level 4 students classify   and sort shapes and solids (for example, prisms, pyramids, cylinders and cones) using the properties of lines (orientation and size) angles (less than, equal to, or greater than 90 degrees) and surfaces . The proficiency strand that...