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TEFL Lesson Plans
Present Continuous.
To introduce and practice ways to:
* Talk about what you are doing in the present
* Talking about the future and
* Making arrangements
In this lesson you will be using just one tense: The Present Continuous
Your learners may already have done some work on this - you will know your class and how much new vocabulary you want to introduce to / elicit from your learners. It may be that your learners have already been introduced to this tense. They will need a lot of practice and this lesson provides just that.
Lesson Length:
There should be enough material here for a lesson lasting 60 - 90 minutes (depending on how many practice activities you decide to do in your lesson).
Flash cards / Pictures

Part One:

Target Language:
I'm / He's / She's + verb + -ing (for what is happening now)
There are many ways to elicit this tense. One of the easiest is to do some kind of mime (for example a card trick). Try to elicit the question and the answer from your learners.
"What are you doing?" "I'm ."
For lower level learners you will need to do a lot of practice, first in open and then in closed pair work. Concentrate on the way your learners pronounce the structures. Listen carefully as you monitor your learners during closed pair work. You may have to provide a few prompts. You can do this with flash cards or mime.
* Use action pictures - a person doing something, playing a sport or some activity. Get your learners to ask both the question and answer.
"What's he / she / it doing?" "He / she / it's __."

Elicit using prompts: [use flash cards]

* Eating
* Running
* Drinking
* Standing
* Sitting
* Swimming
* Sleeping
* Cleaning
* Doing housework
* Making his bed
* Cooking
* Listening to music
* Studying
* Reading
* Taking (having) a shower/bath
* Watching a movie
* Doing a card trick
* Playing [games or sports or a musical instrument]...