Lesson Plan

The Teaching of Clothing & Textile: Lesson Plan for Bus-Stop Activity
Ms Ba Ba 70 Minutes 7th Oct 2010 1000 - 1145
Class: Sec 1E1
No. of Students: 20
Student’s Characteristic: Attentive, responsive and generally well behave
Subject: Home Economics
Topic: Clothes Care (Living S.M.A.R.T Secondary 1 E/NA)
Learning Outcome
By the end of the lesson, students will know how to care, maintain, and make informed decisions on choice of clothes
General Objective
Students will be able to:
- Care and maintain their clothes with proper washing methods and stain removal techniques
- Increase life management skills and save money by properly caring for clothing and learning care labeling requirements for textile products
- Perform basic hem and button maintenance procedures.
- Recognize the different types of prints and colours for different types of body shapes
Specific Instructional Objective:
Students will be able to:
- state the different natural and manufacture stain removal products
- explain how to use stain removal products
- State and understand care labels using words or symbols
- Identify and apply appropriate clothing care practices into everyday living
- identify the most effective and value for money method
- State the steps to attach a button and repair a hem

- Identify different type of prints on that suits different types of silhouettes
Materials / Resources: (Table format with quantity)
Materials Quantity Materials Quantity
8cm x 8cm swatches 6 Pictorial steps on how to attached a button 4 steps
Marker 1 Pictorial steps on how to mend a hem 4 steps
Chocolate 1 15 x 15 cardboard pieces 10
Vinegar 1 Sewing Kit 1
Baking soda 1 Sewing machine 1
Vinegar 1 Camera 1
Bleaching   powder 1 Sample of attached button 1
YouTube Video:
Decode Garment Labels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb_N7N_ETTI
1 Pictures- steps on how to sew a hem (Puzzle set consisting of 6 sewing instructions) 1
Hint Chart - “Consumer...