English Lesson Planning

Lesson plan
Whilst formulating my lesson plan I have made assumptions that the children are at an early stage of their learning and that there is very little in the way of resources. I have taken into consideration that the motivations for learning are unclear, but despite this group are eager to learn. I have also considered that the group can be quite boisterous.
These assumptions and considerations have helped me shape my lesson plan.
I have structured the lesson in a logical way, which is particularly helpful for younger children who are beginning to learn English. I have included a number of different activities/games to maintain the interest and focus of the students who can become easily distracted.
I have started with an introduction and warmer. I welcome each student individually and introduce any newcomers. The warmer for the lesson is the song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I have chosen this song to recap learning from the previous lesson and to focus the students on the forthcoming lesson.
Keeping the pace brisk to maintain the attention and focus of the students I present the vocabulary to be learned with the assistance of flashcards. I use the flashcards as a colourful visual aid as I introduce the vocabulary. Whilst doing this I also point to the corresponding body parts on my face.
Moving on to the practice stage I chorus the students as a group and individually, providing all with an opportunity to speak and pronounce the words. I elicit answers from the students individually, giving the younger and quieter students an opportunity to fully participate. I keep concept checking questions (CCQs) quite basic given my assumptions about learning. My questions relate to the student pointing to the part of their face I indicate by saying “Touch your….”
The production stage slightly overlaps the presentation stage. I have done this to link the activities with a degree of flexibility and to maintain a brisk pace to the lesson. The activities...