Learning from Immigration

Referring to the readings, what were the social and economic issues when public opinion mounted against Chinese immigration into the United States?
Can you imagine something similar happening in the United States today?

The Chinese were welcomed when they first arrived and when there was enough work to go around. This did not last for long and people started to basically hate the Chinese for immigrating to this country even though the majorities were getting a very important job done. The business owners paid them very cheaply for work that nobody else wanted to do. The common opinion was hateful towards the workers even though the people running the businesses were responsible for keeping them employed. This went on for some time until immigration to the United States for Chinese people was banned; this is very shocking because of the ideals our country was founded on. People were scared because of the different religion and culture that the Chinese brought with them; most people push away from things they do not understand.   The Chinese tried to join unions for workers but were denied and not allowed join groups that would help them.
It is hard to imagine something like this happening in the past but it could probably happen again one day in the future. Americans, and most people fear what they are not comfortable with. If there were an influx of a certain race of people there would definitely be a considerable amount of angry United States citizens finding all kinds of things to complain about.