Billingual Politics

Bilingual Politics
In an article from the Los Angeles Times titled “House GOP Group Targets Bilingual Ballots” explains that in 2006 the some republican what to get rid of all the bilingual ballots for voting. They stated that by assisting those with other languages undermines national unity, gives them a chance to fraud the voting system, and put an unneeded burden on the states. Democrat parties believe that this move is more geared toward their views on immigration and other related cultural issues.   The GOP goes on to say that immigration needs to stem because of all the illegal immigrants that come to the United States.   Bush even urged congress to sign a bill that beefed up security, encourage them to learn English, and to provide a guest worker program. In 2006 the voting right act is going to be reauthorized by the Senate and the House. The voting rights act was designed to prevent discrimination with the individual’s ability to vote. Currently 466 jurisdictions in 31 one states use the bilingual ballots. Campbell a house member said “In all the talk now about immigration, there seems to be a very broad consensus that people who want to become citizens should read, write and speak English," and another member of the House said "If [immigrants] want to achieve the American dream, they better learn how to read and function in English." But with all this the only found one case where some Chinese written ballots had misidentified the political affiliations of some candidates.
In an article from the Los Angeles Times titled Gingrich Assails American Bilingualism as 'Dangerous' Politics: Speaker cites Canada as example of how differences split a nation. Critics say his call for English as official language will hurt immigrants. Gingrich goes on to say that we should take a clear warning from Canada and that “Allowing bilingualism to continue to grow is very dangerous," and he also stated that "We should insist on English as a common language. . . . That's...