Immigration and Urbanization

There are many good things that Industrialization had. Inventions and technology made the United States stand out to the other countries around the world. The inventions that were invented during this time were: the light bulb, telephone, refrigerated railroad car, refrigeration, and the electric generator. Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb and Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.            
              Other good thing that made that made Industrialization good for the United States was the economic world power. This helped the United States to become very wealthy. Since this made the United States wealthy, the United States was able to build a strong military to protect our country. The military came to play during War World 1 and 2, which the United States won.
              Even though there were good things in industrialization, there were some bad things. Industrialization caused the military to wipe out Native American Culture. They did this because they needed the Indians land to build railroads and for natural resources. It also promoted Greed and Robber Barons.
              Then Immigration and Urbanization started during the 1880’s to 1910. Immigration was about the United States building thousands of factories to make goods. So this caused the United States to need million of workers. Therefore our government opened it borders to immigrants and many immigrants came from Europe and Asia to work in factories.            
              When the immigrants came from Europe, they went to Ellis Island and the immigrants that came from Asia, went to Angel Island. Ellis Island and Angel Island was a processing center to see if the immigrants were healthy and disease free. If the immigrants were not healthy, they were sent back to their hometown. The immigrants came to the United States for better jobs and a better life.
              Immigrants were treated very disrespectful. The United States made them work 16 to 18 hours a day....