Affects of Immigration

Affects of Immigration
By: Michele Dos Reis
COM220: Research Writing
Axia College
For many years people have flocked to the United States in search of the “land of opportunity” but many Immigrants see California as the “American Dream”, a premiere place to raise a family, and have the white picket fenced house on a corner of a nice street. Immigrants see the California dream as most jobs working banker house of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, this is something many Americans take for granted. Whether you are an immigrant from Asia, Latin America, Europe, or even within the United States these are all reasons that drive immigrants to California but they have one thing in common: they are all in search of new opportunities, whether to better their living situation, or employment related. For many years immigrants have found that California has always been a wonderful home. Most everyone residing within the state has at one point in there lives been an immigrant but now they tend to have a love/hate relationship about immigrants.
The large number of illegal immigrants that have entered into California has put a strain on the state. Some Californians believe that tax money is being spent poorly, Americans are losing their jobs, and this is all due to the government not tightening up the restrictions on the immigration.
In the 19th and 20th centuries immigrants where coming from all parts of the globe in search of bettering their lives and families here in the United States. Immigrants came from countries like China or England due to two important factors, it was safer and they were able to find employment. They came with high hopes that one day not only would they better their lives but they would become Americans. Today everything has changed, it is different. Legal and illegal immigrants don’t have the same intentions, they come to better their lives for a few years then have plans to go back to their native countries. Many have no intentions of adapting to our...