Leadership & Innovation

Leadership and Innovation
The crisis of poor leadership in the United States is flooding the news, rapidly.   Harvard Center for Public Leadership performed a survey finding 69% of Americans have no faith in American Leadership, 67% say “without new leaders, America will decline as a nation.”   The short duration leaders taking office is the root cause of America’s economic crisis.   America needs innovative creative leaders who can withstand short- term pressures and create viable growth companies. George (2011), (Bezos, Chambers Provide Model for Leaders after Crisis, para. 1).
The Chief Executive Office of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is one of those leaders.   In the last 10 years Jeff Bezos has battled with difficult disasters transpiring to a model of the kind of leader America needs to build an innovation economy.
In 1999 Amazon’s reported stock was worth near $105 per share, when Amazon’s stock dropped to $6 per share in 2001, Jeff Bezos plunged forward with his planned concept.   Throughout the years, Amazon kept the wheels turning expanding product offerings, and established it supremacy in e-retailing, showing a third-quarter profit surge of 69%.  
Jeff Bezos told Business Week in 2008.   “There is no bad time to innovate,” Under the direction of Jeff Bezos, Amazons latest innovation is transforming the book-reading business with the Kindle e-reader, Amazon’s first in-house hardware product. George ( 2011),   ( Bezos, Chambers Provide Model for Leaders After Crisis, para. 1).
Amazon leads in connected marketing groups, by having top sales in several different categories including non-media products.   Amazon established a timely skill to improve the percentage of a customer’s expenses for a product that goes to the firm selling the product.
Amazon has the top e-commerce technology set up in the business in relations of privately operated individualization equipment, and buyer association management uses. Amazon is evolving a very important, justifiable competitive...