Moral Agent

HND Business and Finance
Unit 45: Business Ethics
Lul Mohamed

The concept of business ethics applied in Pfizer, M&S and Shell Global Plc.

Name: Lul Mohamed
Student ID:
Date: 12/10/2014

To: Pfizer Managers/Directors,
From: Lul Mahamed
Subject: Ethical perspective and corporate responsibility of   Pfizer, M&S and Shell Global Plc.
Date: 12/10/2014
Pfizer pharmaceutical company
According to recent studies, Pharmaceutical company that provide and innovate biopharmaceutical as a medicinal business such as Pfizer are subject on their ethical behaviour. Likewise, Pfizer is a Pharmaceutical firm that have recently been question on their ethical behaviour and standards. The organisation was unsuccessful on their takeover bid on British company AstraZeneca, due to their recent scandals on animal testing, testing drugs on children and bribery issues to resolve their illegal activities (paying 60 million to settle their charges). Each businesses should take into consideration their ethical standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR) . Therefore, it is inevitable to maintain sustainability in order to achieve good public image and reputation within their stakeholders. This report will examine the ethical behaviour including the Corporate Social Responsibility of Pfizer, M&S and Shell Global Plc.
Pfizer primary mission is to improve the health welfare of each of its stakeholders needs and wants (Pfizer, 2007). The company uses science as a mechanism to create ways of establishing standards on their safety, quality and values which results in ways of expanding and producing medicines. The vision of the company is to prevent the wellbeing of its stakeholders and prevent illness through consistent research of bringing up treatment and cures. Historically, the firm existed more than 150 years cooperating with government, healthcare worker and local communities to support and develop and acquire inexpensive and dependable...