Implementing a Leadership Change


Implementing a Leadership Change
for Gene One
University of Phoenix
LDR 531
Introduction and backgroud situation
      This paper concerns the week five Gene One case study assuming that the CEO Don Ruiz suddenly died. It will also analyze the current leadership styles and structures, it will introduce leadership changes neccessary to accomplish a successful initial public offering (IPO).
      Gene One is an eight year old company in the biotechnology area that increased its revenue from two to $400 million per year. They attribute their success to gene technologies which help farmers to produce vegetables without using chemicals. The board of Gene One decided to go public in order to gain more capital and to remain competitive and succesfull.

Current Leadership Analysis
      The following analysis describes the strengths and weaknesses of the current board members. It based on the Team B week five analysis (Learning Team B, 2010).

Michelle Houghton, CFO
- participative leader
- strong sense of ownership and emotional attachment to Gene One
- cautious and problem solving attitude
- logical and strategic
- concerned about the timing of IPO registration
- releasing financial statements to public too early while not finalized
- concerned that investors are cautious in biotech industry because of the human genome sequencing scandal

Charles Jones, Marketing Officer
- participative leadership
- known for his calculated risk taking
- connections in biotech industry
- self-confident and moral
- he thinks in big pictures and does not focus on details

Greg Thoman, HR
- people-oriented leadership behavior
- dynamic and very productive
- more concentrated on existing problems instead of developing future strategies
- did not have time to recruit new talents or create a corporate culture for future business growth
- checks effect on organizational culture before taking any action
- wants...