Club It

Club IT
Bis 219
August23, 2010
Mr. Goyden

Club It

Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys decided to start a club. They own Club IT which offers music, dancing and a place for locals to hang out. They were able to open a club because; they each went have a college degree in business administration. They share a love of music and performing. The club is becoming more successful and even giving other clubs in the area competition. Lisa and Ruben what to make sure the Club is functioning at the best capacity so, they are going to have it analyzed.

The mission of the Club is to be an inviting atmosphere where people in their community can hang out and enjoy music and dancing. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing and welcomes people with all musical tastes. The Club is a place that everyone recommends coming to. The recent remodeling provides further space for dancing and fun.

Primary Clients

The clients of the Club IT vary depending on what kind of music they are going with the changing frequently to attract different types of people. The thing that connects the owner and clients is the love of music and dancing. On the weekends Club IT have live music brought by local bands. On Tuesdays they offer a live DJ who plays the latest music. There is a mix of young and old as well as those individuals who love technology and the ease of access provided by Club IT.
Software, Hardware, networks, and data are described as information resources. (Rainer&Turban, 2008). Club IT needs some help with gathering information data. The business could really use some way to gather more information. The owners have only had access to certain information so; by expanding their resources they will be able to analyze their business better. They will need to develop an IT department to do this.
Club IT needs to develop a website that will allow them to access all the employees’ information as well as allowing employees to access forms and time sheets and schedules. This...