Change in Leadership

Running Head: Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

      Options for Implementing a Leadership Change
      Andrienne Brown
      University of Phoenix Online
      March 8, 2010
      Carrie Maracle
Options for Implementing a Leadership Change
“The essential role of top management in implementing change is to formulate an integrating vision and general strategy, build a coalition of supporters who endorse the strategy, then guide and coordinate the process by which the strategy will be implemented” (Yukl, p. 301).   Gene One needs a new style and leadership change that will complement the end vision.   Over a period of eight years Gene One has managed to create a $400 million business all from their original vision.
The importance of remaining marketable and keeping a competitive edge rest in becoming a publicly traded company.   Gene One must create an Initial Public Offering (IPO) take the vision to the next level.   This may present some challenges amongst the organization and board of directors.   Change in leadership is a major adjustment.   The board has agreed to implement internal and external changes. Once Gene One implements new changes in structure and implements transformational leadership a public announcement can be made.
      Gene One successfully created gene technology to change the farming industry.   In recent years the Food and Drug Administration made some leadership changes and with this change came an increase in the interest of biotechnology (University of Phoenix, 2006).   It was apparent to the late Don Ruiz that Gene One must go public in the near future to continue to expand in the industry. “More and more organizations today face a dynamic and changing environment. This, in turn, is requiring these organizations to adapt” (Robbins & Judge, p. 644).
Although Gene One managed to rise to the top within the industry some changes require time to adapt.   Several board members have been with the organization since the...