Kudler Review

The purpose of this document is to address issues or problems for Kudler Fine Foods. Upon careful review of Kudler Fine Foods strategic plan, the areas of weaknesses defined by the company are “deal in mainly perishable goods, specialty shops with high pay-roll, small management team with lots of responsibilities, the Del Mar location is not doing as well as expected, and Geographic expansion limitations” (Kudler, 2003). In addition, the threats are “competing gourmet shops, and the economy declining” (Kudler, 2003). First the meaning of the word problem described from my point of view. Second a general analysis of the issues for Kudler as interpreted after reviewing their strategic plan. Last the inception of their website will narrow their concerns.
Problem Definition
Problems or issues are any obstacle that would prevent an organization from obtaining their vision or goals they aspire to reach. Problems and issues present themselves in many different forms. Generally, problems are weaknesses and threats to the organization.
Kudler Fine Food Issues
Perishable foods promote quality goods for the consumer; however, an issue of ROI arises due to the nature of the food. This presents a problem for Kudler. “12% of our perishable goods are rotated out of inventory every two or three days, either by being thrown away or donated to local charities” (Kudler, 2003). Because Kudler is a gourmet shop, they employ specialty staff. The staff dictates a higher wage than a normal employee would in a non-specialty shop. The management staff consists of two. Major issues are handled by Kathy, the proprietor, thus when she is unavailable these issues go unaddressed. The Del Mar location failed due to the town size causing it to be shut down in the future. Because Kathy handles all the financials and inventory ordering for all the stores, expansion is limited within a reasonable distance that would allow one person to cover. Competition and the Economy are the only...