Kudler Food

Problem Solving Steps: Kudler Fine Foods

Masood Jaffar

MGT 521



Feb 23-April 5   2010

Mach 28 2010

Samuel L. Cunningham, CIA, CFGM, CDFM, MBA
Facilitator, University of Phoenix- Online Campus
College of Graduate Business Management

This problem solving paper on Kudler Fine Food is a systematic step-by-step approach to identify opportunities to create value for the business. Case study included review of KFF strategic plan prepared in 2003 and five years tactical plan. A team of five classmates discussed KFF strategic plan, reviewed financial statements, and customer survey results done by KFF in 2006 and 2007. Team discussed several problems and selected top five. KFF management and leadership problem is analyzed in this paper. KFF is a typical start up scenario of a successful entrepreneur who tends to be autocratic and afraid of losing control.   There is lack of focus in building management team to meet current and future business need. KFF has not acquired professional resources, train staff, build and empower employees, and instilling culture of customer focus. This paper identifies correct problem, provide and evaluates options to address the problem to accomplish corporate vision, and assess risks associated with each suggested option with mitigation plan

Step 1: Issues and Opportunity Identification
KFF published a Strategic plan describing business mission, SWOT analysis, and tactical plan with major mile stones over next five years. Tactical plan laid out...