Kudler Fine Foods Overview

During the review of Kudler Fine Foods business operations, a discovery was made to a variety of issues that may become significant problems.   The business plan overview provided insight as to specific focus areas for the company.   After reviewing the entire business plan, the following issues are ones that will need to be addressed in order to sustain profitability and future growth:

1. Current Managerial structure does not allow for specialized teams or managers who can concentrate and contribute to specific issues as they become apparent.
2. Current Managerial structure does not allow for growth and development within different departments within each store as well as minimal flexibility for each store to customize his or her marketing.
3. Lack of research to understand the reasons as to whey the Del Mar sales are down.   Quick decision to phase the store has been determined without enough factual support to identify the problem.
4. Lack of research and analysis for the new location phase in (from the Del Mar Store).
5. Need for diversity and restructuring of the current management team per store.   Currently all stores are ran the same way with a very single handed management approach.   Allow each store to work from one company philosophy but empower each store to customize Kudler’s marketing approach and provide input as to needed changes. Each team needs to address:
a. Better selection of produce
b. Better overall value for their $, (perception)
c. Better overall customer service.
6. Incentivize management team on higher sales, customer survey results, and overall profit margin.   This not only empowers but provides ownership.
7. Specialized department heads in finance; marketing and strategic planning is needed in order to maximize efficiencies.
8. Survey’s are built off small sample sizes
9. Implement Business plan suggestions in phased pilot programs.   Do not execute all plans in all stores and gate the “phase in”...