Kudler Team Implementation Plan

Team Strategic Plan for Kudler Fine Foods
Leela Beers, Kinshasha Bradford, Larry Emery,
Shaina Horrell & Adrienne LeDuc-Waugh
Strategic Planning and Implementation/STR581
April 14, 2010
This paper reviews Kudler Fine Foods and its interest in developing an adjusted strategic plan to evaluate and promote the changing goals of the company. Developing a strategic plan enables Kudler Fine Foods the opportunity to evaluate the organizational structure of the company determining what changes are necessary to company policies to create a more efficient and productive organization. Realigning organizational structure, mission statements and social responsibility statements will enable Kudler Fine Foods the opportunity to offer quality goods and services to the public as Kudler Fine Foods expands through the use of the Internet, Catering Services and In-Store Wi-Fi Café to maximize profits.
Because Kudler Fine Foods wishes to maximize the services it offers, an evaluation of the open market is necessary to ensure that company goals are aligned with the company mission statement, environmental scans, values and social responsibility statement and the open market competition. The marketing mix, known as the four P’s-product, price , place and promotion must be analyzed to ensure that marketing methods promote the expansion by reaching a targeted audience. Using the four P’s will enable Kudler Fine Foods to take control of the profit and company strategy implementation.

Executive Summary

Kudler Fine Foods is a three store retail chain where gourmet wines, cheese, produce, bakery products, meats and ingredients are locally sold. Kudler Fine Foods main clientele consists of local, traditional grocery stores, chefs and restaurants. In 1998, when Kathy Kudler open her first store she depended on positive customer experiences and local ads in the paper to provide a branding strategy for Kudler Fine Foods.

By providing quality and individual customer service to each...