Why Some People Find Their Job Rewarding and Fulfilling While Others Don’t?
Job is the choice of the majority of people for living and sustaining their family. It is also
tasked or one as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price. Some people find
their work is rewarding and fulfilling because they like what they are doing, knows who they are,
know what they want to do, have a healthy relationship with money and internally motivated.
Some find their job unrewarding and unfulfilling is because they expect to enjoy every aspect of
their job, not passionate and externally motivated.
People who find their job satisfying are the ones know what they want and have a strong
desire to accomplish their given task. Internal motivation is the most important thing in order to
have a rewarding and fulfilling job. Internal motivation is the motivation that comes from inside
the performer. It is motivation to do something because you enjoy it not for gaining or receiving
something. They know who they are and what to do with their life. If a person works, what they
love or enjoys what he/she doing, he/she going find their job rewarding. They become happy
when they see what they do is right.
There some reasons why some people find their job unsatisfied or unrewarding. The first
one is to expect enjoy every aspect of their job. Every kind of job requires some sort of interest
so that it won’t be unsatisfied job. The second is not to have any passion for the work you’re
doing. Passion is a strong desire for something. Your job should be meaningful beyond receiving
checks every month. However, they expect their job to bring fulfillment on its own. Third is they
are externally motivated towards to their job. External motivation is the opposite of internal
motivation which is doing something to get external rewards such as money, fame, grades, and
praise. They are doing their job is because they get more money, have many...