Job and Me

Quartez Harper

                                  Yeahh its temporary

Like most teens we I have to work in order to pay for expensive that I render as important. The jobs aren’t pretty and some pay minimum wage but hey it keeps the car running and mom off my back. My jobs for right know is at brusters, which is an ice cream parlor. It is a good place to work especially because the job is easy which is scooping   ice cream and making sundaes. Another good part is the tips. On a good day I might get anywhere from 7 to 15 dollars a night and that is just in the winter, cant wait till summer comes rolling around. For a teenager this is not a bad place to work especially because it is easy. The only bad thing I can think of is that you might get fat from eating all the ice cream because man is it good, I should know because I am always taking samples of ice cream. Besides that it is a really good place to work. Its not what I want to do for the rest of my life but it will do for right now. Lets be serious though all jobs aren’t like that. Like Kroger for instance, they want to work you all day and practically pay you nothing. I remember I had to push karts and be a cashier all in the same day because I was covering for someone else. Do you think I got any extra pay for that , no all I got was a thank you and sore muscles, not to mention almost getting hit by cars on a few occasions. That I would have to say was my worst job. Despite going through all of that I keep one thing in mind, the all mighty paycheck. The paycheck is the only reason we teens take on these grueling jobs. I know for a fact that when I get my check I forget about all the things I had to do at work and start thinking about what I am going to buy. When I think about though I practically spend most of my money on gas, electronics, food and clothes. This is probably why I am always flat broke after I get my check, but hey its worth it right. Now that I am getting older I really need...