Outsourcing Jobs

Outsourcing Jobs from America: A Large Cause of Discontent

They are seen everyday, long lines of men and women standing in the unemployment lines. These same long lines are lining the walls at the welfare offices. What is causing this epidemic in our country? Our nation’s corporations are continuously making a negative impact on American families by outsourcing its jobs to countries overseas.
What is outsourcing? Outsourcing occurs when a company purchases labor or parts from a source outside the company rather than using the company’s staff or plant (Encarta World English Dictionary, 2006). This custom is taking place more and more every year in the United States work force. Corporations in America are seeking to manufacture a product at a cheaper cost.   Some reasons that a company might outsource to a foreign country are cheaper labor cost and geographical efficiency.
The U.S. economy is being risked when workers lose their jobs.   The economy can be affected by tax raises, unemployment, and many other factors. A worker might question whether or not his job is in danger.
      About two-thirds, or 66 percent, of the 802 adult U.S. investors polled this month for the UBS/Gallup Index of Investor Optimism survey said they think offshore outsourcing is "bad for the economy." About one quarter, or 23 percent, said they were very or somewhat worried that they or someone in their household might lose a job because of it (Bjorhus, 2004).
At one time only certain types of jobs were being outsourced to foreign countries. Things have changed. All types of jobs can be outsourced in our computer oriented world.
      Once thought to affect only industrial sectors, outsourcing now threatens computer engineers, IT specialists, call-center workers, paralegals, technical writers, accountants, tax professionals and public service workers. Put simply, if your job uses a phone, a computer or a welding torch, outsourcing policies may hurt you. If you can telecommute, your...