Jesus vs Muhammad

Jesus and Muhammad

A comparison of these important figures in the World’s two largest religions

Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world today with 1.8 billion and 1.1 billion followers respectively.   These two religions have a lot of similarities as well as differences.   Both are monotheistic religions, meaning they believe there is only one true God.   For Christianity it is God, the Father.   For Islam it is Allah.   These religions were founded centuries ago through the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad.   The following will reveal the similarities and differences between these two prophets, Jesus and Muhammad.   Through retracing their lives we can better understand how and why they were worshipped, and what impact their lives have on Christianity and Islam today.

The Prophet Muhammad
Muhammad (“the praised one”) was born in 570 CE into a poor clan.   Before Muhammad was born, his father died.   Shortly after the death of his father, Muhammad’s mother and grandfather died making him a ward of his uncle.   After this, his uncle put him to work as a shepherd.   As a teenager, Muhammad went on a trip to Syria with his uncle.   It was on this trip a Christian monk noticed marks on Muhammad’s body which indicated he was a prophet.   At 25, Muhammad managed caravans for a wealthy older woman named Khadijah.   Khadijah became fond of Muhammad and offered to marry him.
At the age of 40, Muhammad went on a spiritual retreat during Ramadan.   It was on this retreat that the angel, Gabriel, appeared to him and demanded he recite what later came to be the first words of the Qu’ran.   Three years later, Muhammad was instructed to preach publicly.   Upon doing this, Muhammad was ridiculed and stoned by the Qurayshites who were the aristocrats of his tribe.   Fortunately for Muhammad, he was protected somewhat by his uncle.   This didn’t help him for long.   During his fifteenth year as a prophet, Muhammad’s uncle died followed by his wife.   This period of...